Friday, June 29, 2007

CIY pics 4 - Thursday!!!

Thursday started out with the Tanuk Tanuk Tun video that I posted a couple of days ago. Here are some of our students doing the motions... It's amazing how much this has taken over this week. They even had a dance-off this morning!!! Amazing.

There was a guy who spent all night praying for some of the hurting kids here at CIY. Wednesday night, they wrote their hurts on these plexiglass windows and he spent 11 and a half hours overnight praying for them. Here's Gary still praying as we were getting ready for morning Encounter.

Marisela is having some Encounter Time with God.

Here, Paige and Sandy Oler are having some quiet time. (These pictures of the week are my favorite... just a student... a Bible... the Creator of Heaven and Earth... and 25 minutes of undivided attention...)

We moved out of morning Encounter Time and right into D-Groups.

Here Bekah, Marisela and Elisabeth dig into an activity in their conference notebooks.

Here, Jared and Ravynn dig into the D-Group lesson.

Here, Rory and Alyssa dig into the lesson during D-Groups.

Today (Friday) is Ravynn Buie's birthday... we're planning to get a cake, the students have all made cards and yesterday, while we were at Misaki's, we got some of the Greg Frazee band and others from CIY to sing "Happy Birthday" to Ravynn.

While at Misaki's... which was amazing by the way... our chef, Sun, amazed us with some flame while he was cooking our mushrooms. And they were good!!!!

Everyone got a good meal... Here, Jared and Ann are all smiles.

Following Misaki's, we headed over to the mall for some much needed exercise. Bailey and Ann take a quick break from the shopping and rest. Thursday was a fun day.

Although there aren't any pictures from Celebration and His Time last night... They were both excellent!!!

More pictures tomorrow.


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