Friday, July 20, 2007

Books ordered...

Well, I just finished ordering all of the books for my Fall Semester at LCS as well as Jackie's books. Altogether, I think we spent about $143 for 4 classes... not too shabby at all. In fact, that's the purpose for this post.

The BEST place to search online for books is a website that Tadd, our TA for Hebrew last semester, put me onto. It's called "" The only way that I can describe it to you is that it's kinda like "Google" for searching for books.

At first, I was skeptical. But after using it once, I was hooked. I bought every single book for this semester using it. In fact, over the summer I used it to track down a book that was supposedly "unavailable."

You go to the site... type in the book title, author, ISBN number or whatever and then search. It is going to take a couple of moments and then return with a listing of every book, it's location, price, shipping price and total price in ascending order from cheapest to most expense. Then you click the one that you want to buy, check it out and add it to your shopping cart. You don't actually buy anything through their site, they just hook you up with,,,, or whatever site it is that has that book. But by using this list, you can tell in advance without much searching that is the cheapest... or the most expensive.

Time saved!! And in the end, MONEY SAVED!!!!

There were several times during this book purchasing round that if I hadn't known better, I would have bought a book from Amazon because they had it, not realizing that I could have bought it about $15 cheaper somewhere else.

And with being in Graduate school, having a pretty wide library and reading a lot, I like to save money on books.

So, check it out... you'll be glad you did.


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