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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

First personal iPhone siting...

Last night, after leaving the Transformers movie... several of us who went together and saw the movie together, were standing around talking. As we were talking, a couple of guys walked up to my right and as I noticed them, one of the guys pulled something out of his pocket...

It was an iPhone!!!

Although, I didn't know the guy, was I really tempted to go over and have a closer look. But you'll be thankful to know that I maintained a reasonable distance... while alerting Steve Osborne (another intense Mac guy who is on staff here) to it's presence... I looked on from a far.

It seemed a bit smaller than either Steve or I were anticipating. I need to find a reason to go to the Apple store so I can have a look at one up close and personal without looking over someone's shoulder....


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