Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a couple of left behind CIY pics...

Okay... so I said the other day that I had posted all of the CIY pics. But tonight, Sandy (one of our trip leaders) handed me a disk with some pictures that I didn't have. And a couple of them were so good that I couldn't not put them here.

So, I share with you a couple of lost and left-behind CIY pics.

Like this one of Paige, Bailey and Bekah. I'm assuming that they have been in the dorm too long and here seem to be going a little crazy.

Here they seem a little bit more normal...

Here Natalie, Paige and Tori pause for a quick pic.

Mike pauses for Sunday morning cup of coffee before we headed off to church before the return trip.

Clayton's got his collar up and Natalie is ready for church on Sunday morning.

Paige and Jackie take in the view at Laurel Falls.

Finally, Paige and Bailey play in a slide at Woodlawn Lakes Christian Camp.

It was a great week!!!


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