Sunday, July 01, 2007

CIY pics 6 - Saturday and last!!!

Saturday was a day of travel.

Here is Paige, Bekah, Bailey and Ann in the midst of packing and getting ready to head from Illinois.

At this point, I am sitting on my couch posting the final of the pictures... and man, is it good to be home. Here are the last set of CIY pics to be posted from the week.


We travelled from Milligan up to Cincinnati and made our Saturday stop at Woodlawn Lakes Christian Camp and Retreat Center.

Quickly after getting out of the vans, a softball game broke out. We played softball for a while.

And we played more softball!!!

Following dinner, we headed into town for some dinner at Wendy's. The final riding place of the clothes pin was in Jackie's hoodie. Right now, it's on the floor in our house.

On our way back to the camp, we stopped at Wal-Mart for some supplies. While Jackie and I were inside, an impromptu "dance party" broke out in the parking lot to some Beach Boys.

We headed back to camp where we played some "Capture the Flag" until lights out time.

It was a great trip. We had great students for the trip and an incredible time. We're hoping to have some more of the pictures ready for a video that we'll show on July 15th if we can work it out. We'll also burn that video to a DVD for all those who travelled with the crew this year.

While I've got a second... thanks to Jackie, Mike Jackson, Ann Janson, Sandy Oler and Chris Reimers for helping lead the trip. I couldn't have done it without you.


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