Saturday, July 07, 2007

A parable about the Kingdom of God...

Recently, after visiting Laurel Falls with our student ministry, Jackie shared this parable with me... So, I thought I would post it here.

The Kingdom of God is like a waterfall pool...

Some students, when seeing a waterfall pool like Laurel Falls, some students jump right in and swim around. Some students, when seeing the same pool get in, but wait until everyone else is ready to come in with them. Other students desperately want to get into the water, but want someone to convince them and help them by showing them how to get in. While other students refuse to get in regardless of what you say or share.

The same is true of the Kingdom of God... Some can't wait to get in... Some want to get in, but want to wait until others are ready to get in... Others need some help, persuasion and encouragement from someone they trust... While others refuse to get in regardless of what is shared or how they are encouraged.

In going along with that idea... some students jump right in and you can't get them out no matter what you say. Others are prone to jump in and then get out 5 minutes later because it wasn't as fun as they thought it would be.

As Jackie and I stood and watched the reactions of our students to the pool of water at Laurel Falls, I couldn't help but think these thoughts about the Kingdom of God.


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