Saturday, July 12, 2008

iPhone 2.0!!!

Well, you had to know that a post would be coming with the release of the new iPhone 3G and the new firmware 2.0 for current iPhone users.

In fact, I have to admit, that being at camp all last week (HERE, HERE and HERE), I was a little out of the loop. And until a phone call from an Apple-lovin' friend (S.O.), I forgot that the release was yesterday (Friday). But I was glad that I got the call. With all the problems that Apple/AT&T were having yesterday, I didn't need to try to update my phone, only to have it turn into an iBrick.

But I took the plunge today and upgraded. This morning I broke out the laptop and began to browse the new apps for downloading. Quickly I began to pile up a group of apps just waiting to meet my phone. And the more I looked, the more I downloaded. All together, I have (5:40 pm, Saturday, July 12) downloaded 18 apps. Most of them have been free (weight track, Bible, mobile news, livesportz, YPmobile, Jott, eBay, Movies, Travelocity, AIM, Twitterfic, Myspace, Facebook, Cube Runner) but I've also spent a couple of iTunes bucks on a few (Steps, EC, MLB at bat).

At this point, after having played with it for about two hours, I'm impressed. Cube Runner is a free game that uses the built in gyro in the iPhone as you try to navigate through oncoming cubes as if you were riding a motorcycle. It's pretty darn sweet. Most of the apps are really clean and fast. I've had a couple that have given me problems. But overall, I'm really impressed.

I will be watching over the next few weeks as more are available (hopefully). But I didn't want this monumentous occassion to pass without an official post!!! 2.0 rules!!!


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