Monday, July 14, 2008

Magic Eraser + Macbook = Cleaner Macbook

Thanks for a tip from a friend (S.O. and a tip from his friend J.M.), I found out that a "Magic Eraser" from "Mr. Clean" is a great way to take off smudges and dirt from my white MacBook 13".

At first I was skeptical... who isn't... but then I tried it tonight. And it took off the dirt and scuff marks, as well as the grimmy places where my hands rest when I use my MacBook. It's great!!!

If you've got a white MacBook, give it a shot. Mine looks newer now and will look brand new tomorrow when I get it in some more "white" light.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Jim,
    LOL! You need to have some kids, we can't live without the Magic Eraser! It removes crayons, magic marker....stains that are unidentifiable and of questionable origins!! Just don't use it to scrub your skin...or any child's skin as it can actually leave a chemical burn on skin.

    Mark B.