Monday, July 14, 2008

Rock Band 2 Playlist... Can't Wait!!!

Now that I've got my XBox 360... and I'm getting closer to paying it off... (not nearly close, but I'm working on it). Next will be getting up and running online on XBox Live. Then... Rock Band 2 is on my hit list. Today, I saw a list of the proposed songs for this game. They look awesome. Here are a few of notables...

Rock Band 2 On-Disc Track List:
Artist Song Title Decade
3. Alanis Morissette “You Oughta Know” 1990’s
5. Allman Brothers “Ramblin’ Man” 1970’s
8. Beastie Boys “So Whatcha Want” 1990’s
11. Billy Idol “White Wedding Pt. I” 1980’s
12. Blondie “One Way or Another” 1970’s
13. Bob Dylan “Tangled Up in Blue” 1970’s
14. Bon Jovi “Livin’ on a Prayer” 1980’s
15. Cheap Trick “Hello There” 1970’s
19. Dream Theater “Panic Attack” 2000’s
20. Duran Duran “Hungry Like the Wolf” 1980’s
22. Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way” 1970’s
23. Foo Fighters “Everlong” 1990’s
24. Guns N’ Roses “Shackler’s Revenge” 2000’s
29. Joan Jett “Bad Reputation” 1980’s
30. Journey “Anyway You Want It” 1970’s
32. Kansas “Carry On Wayward Son” 1970’s
36. Lit “My Own Worst Enemy” 1990’s
48. Pearl Jam “Alive” 1990’s
49. Presidents of the USA “Lump” 1990’s
50. Rage Against the Machine “Testify” 1990’s
51. Ratt “Round & Round” 1980’s
52. Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give it Away” 1990’s
56. Smashing Pumpkins “Today” 1990’s
62. Steve Miller Band “Rock’n Me” 1970’s
63. Survivor “Eye of the Tiger” 1980’s
69. The Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat” 1980’s
73. The Offspring “Come Out & Play (Keep ‘em Separated)” 1990’s

The numbers that are listed are the order on the game. It will be out in September... I'm already counting my pennies. For a full listing, click HERE.


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