Saturday, June 27, 2009

CIY Move - Friday

It has been hot this week. But one thing that we have not have to worry about was rain. And today was no exception. It was hot (again!!!), but beautiful blue skies all day... which made Jackie and Becca happy!!

Laura stopped for a quick picture during Morning Encounter time. This is a great time to get some great pictures!!

We played a little house building game during D-groups today as we talked about Jesus dwelling/abiding with us. Grace and Kyle won... and scored the rest of the gum... after which Kyle promptly posed for this picture with the bucket on his head!

This afternoon we took a walk down to 8th street together. It's an area similar to 3rd Street in Geneva with little shops and ice cream places (like Cold Stone where we stopped for a quick "Love it") and coffee shops!!

Finally we wrapped up the night with a powerful session. Two of our students made major decisions tonight... but I won't tell you who yet. They want to talk to their parents and share the news with them personally... so the blog post would sort of defeat that purpose.

But once they have the conversations that they need to have, I will let you know all and know about the follow up.

It was a great week. Thanks to those of you who visited the blog regularly, checked in on the pictures and most importantly spent time in prayer for us this week. It was a great week and I feel that God really took care of some business with several of our group members that he needed to take care of.

So... THANKS!!!

More pictures to come as I collect memory cards from students who went with us this week. After that, I will post a couple "best of the rest CIY Move" picture posts!!!

Thanks again!


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