Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen

I missed out on the opening night mayhem that I have usually been a part of with a big movie opening. (If you've missed the last 10 or 12 posts, I've been at CIY Move all week...) So I missed my usual 12:01 am showing of the huge movie "Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen."

Tonight, I hit the pizza buffet bar with my wife before hitting the IMAX on Randall 15 for a sold out show. I actually bumped into one of my high school students and sat with him and his friend.

The movie was great. With a couple of exceptions. The action was intense. The storyline was great... I thought that there were lots of sermon material moments about sacrifice, putting others first, endurance and a couple of other themes that might create a good sermon series some time.

I enjoyed that because this was a second movie in a series, a series that I hope continues, there wasn't too much time getting up to speed. The movie kinda assumed that you had a pretty good idea who these characters were and jumped into the story.

The action was intense. I saw it on IMAX and wow!!! It just never stopped. The CGI was great. The battle scenes mixed with the action and drama of the moment made for some very intense moments as the girl beside me jumped about 5 times...

There were several unnecessary elements in the movie that I could have done without.
First, they do just about everything they can to play up Megan Fox. Which just gets annoying after a while. There is also an element of sexuality with this movie that could have been eliminiated.

Second, there were some crude references that just weren't needed. They were added for a cheap laugh and we could have done with out it. Be witty without being crass. That goes for the language that popped up from time to time. Again... cheap laughs.

Overall... I thought the movie was great. I think that it's a movie that many students will see... if they haven't already. I think that it's great movie that has some great elements and without a few other crass ones, could have been a truly incredible movie.


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