Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New iPhone 3Gs for me!!!


As I twittered, I am getting a new iPhone 3Gs next week.

A couple of weeks ago, my iPhone (Edge) died. It was a trusty companion for almost two years. But it was replaced with a new iPhone 3G.

Then, this week Apple released it's news of it's new iPhone 3Gs. For me, I thought "That's cool... But I'll have to wait a while to get mine." That was until a couple of friends (L.G. and S.O.) encouraged me to rethink it. They reminded me that AT&T has a 30 day return policy on phones, including the iPhone. So I went in today and talked with them. Basically what is happening is that I am returning my iPhone 3G 16 GB on Friday morning June 19 and trading it in for a iPhone 3Gs 32 GB. And they are the same price. So basically I'm upgrading 18 months early and doing it for the price that I just paid for my new 3G!!!!!


I got the short end of the stick a couple of years ago when the price dropped. A lot of folks got some serious cash back. I got a $100 gift card. Which I was/am happy about. (I got something!) But this time, it worked out in my favor!!!


And I get to keep my current iPhone until then!! I thought I was going to have to do without for a few days. But I don't!

Double sweet!


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  1. Um Jim, I'm happy for you but this is not at all helpful for me. Please think of a way for me to get a free upgrade, and then blog about it. Mkay. Thanks