Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CIY Move - Monday

The trip got started the way that trips always do... looking at the back end of a van with open doors.

The trip actually got on the road on time!!!! Maybe that's a first!!!

We got moved in, and headed over to the first session. The main sessions are in a giant fieldhouse this year.

Laura, Becca and Will are ready for things to get rolling.

And rolling they did!!!

The first session was on Moses and the burning bush!!! And it was incredible.

If you check out the video that preceded this post (HERE), you can enjoy a video (shot on my iPhone 3Gs) of the first worship song.

Monday was a whirlwind. Leaving... driving... lunching... moving in... unpacking... sessions... His time... powerful but exhausting!!!

More to come tomorrow!!


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