Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CIY Move - Tuesday

In case you missed them, HERE and HERE are Monday.

Tuesday got started off to a usual day!!! Morning encounter. One of the highlights of the weeks.

This is Justin hiding behind a poll.

Laura made a friend during her morning encounter time... a catepillar named "Fred" (I think). (He's on her right wrist above the bracelets.)

Will was pumped for lunch!!! (He's a graduated senior... aren't they all pumped for food??!!)

Since everyone wore bracelets all day (we talked about freedom... and how God is the only one who can truly provide freedom... but most of us would prefer slavery... even when we don't realize it), we decided to take a picture with everyone's bracelets together. This is a pretty cool picture.

The day ended with some great His Time, some ball tag (with our SpongeBob football) and a traditional cinnamon roll.

The week is going great. With the possible exception that's it's about 90 every day. Which isn't bad, except when you're outside all day.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Look for some more pictures tomorrow!!!


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