Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CIY Move - Wednesday

Wednesday was a great day!!!

But man, was it hot!!!

I don't think that in all my 10 years of CIY Summer Conference/Move, that I have ever had a week of conference as hot as this one.

It is oppressive. You go outside and it's just brutal.

But Rebecca found some shade this morning for her morning Encounter time!!

Food is always good. Justin Fraker is digging into some kind of sandwich.

Worship was great tonight and the speaker was powerful. Will, Becca, Boone (and everyone really) got into the worship.

The Jodee Howerton Band is doing a great job leading us in worship this week. And we had really great seats tonight!!!

Finally we wrapped up the day by returning to the tennis courts, where we have "His Time" each night. It's an old tradition, to do this wrap up time on the tennis courts and it continues at Michigan this year.

Today was a great day. The major challenge was to be "Kingdom Workers." Tomorrow, we will talk about worship and who or what we worship.

We will also have Japanese steakhouse... so there will be some good pictures.


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