Monday, June 15, 2009

CIY Move...

... is coming up next week!!!

I am getting pretty excited. We've got a smaller group this year than in year's past. But it will be great because instead of me spending all my time counting kids, I'll have extra time to invest and encourage the students who are going... as well as invite our students to take some serious challenges.

And we've got a diverse group as well. We've got 1 graduated senior (Will) and a couple of upcoming seniors (Boone and Becca... who got baptized by my wife on Sunday!!! It was awesome!!!) as well as a couple of Sophomore girls (Laura and Grace), a Junior guy (Justin) and one freshmen (Kyle).

It will be awesome.

So awesome in fact that I bought a new digital camera to catch all the action on. (Check it out HERE! It's a sweet deal!!)

One week until CIY! Can't wait!


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