Saturday, June 27, 2009

CIY Move - Thursday

Sorry that we didn't get any photos up last night. The girls dorm is across campus and I forgot to get the camera from our awesome and excellent photographer... Chris Reimers.

So... here are some pictures from Thursday. Becca and Boone are getting into worship here.

Kyle is getting into God's Word. Always a highlight for the week.

On Thursday, we talked about how we tend to worship idols in our lives rather than God sometimes. We made idols out of play dough that we later destroyed by walking over them. These are the idols that our group made.

Thursday is also "Skip A Meal" day on campus with some extended time of recreation. So the group headed out to a Japanese Hibachi called "The Wild Chef." And if you've seen the fireball video HERE on the blog, he was pretty wild.

Finally, we ended up at the beach on Lake Michigan. We were disappointed to find that the beach was closed due to ecoli bacteria in the water. So Becca and Laura played in the sand (and others slept... like me!!!).

It was a very fun and full day!!


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