Saturday, May 31, 2008

Facebook App that is must have...

Usually, when I see someone recommending an App for Facebook that "I must have," I'm skeptical. But this morning I saw one from Jason Christ that truly is... MUST HAVE.

Here's what he wrote:
"Yes, that’s correct. I found a Facebook App that you must install. It’s called fbCal. Once installed, it creates an iCal file for your friends’ birthdays and another for events you register for on Facebook. The events aren’t useful to me, but the birthdays thing is great... Great stuff if you’re using Google Calendar or any number of other calendar softwares that support iCal imports. MySpace needs something like this now."

I installed it this morning, took a look and like what I see. I use iCal to keep up with my calendar and birthday/anniversaries. I like it. Especially the automatic updating birthdays. Good deal! Thanks Jason.


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  1. Glad you liked the extension, Jim!