Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull tonight!!!

So right now I'm pretty much sitting on the couch wasting time waiting to go and see the new Indiana Jones (and the Crystal Skull) movie.

Myself and several of my closest friends are catching a 12:01 am showing of the summer blockbuster tonight!!! It should be awesome!!!

This has been a movie-rific week for me. Last Thursday I saw Iron Man, Saturday I saw Prince Caspian and then on Monday, I saw it again. Finally tonight, I'm catching Indiana Jones.

It's good to sit in the theater and enjoy a show! Especially with some great friends!

(Although... I just realized that I never blogged about Iron Man. Sorry... my bad... totally an oversite. It was good. The ending was cheesy and I would have liked more action after Iron Man was completed. But pretty good... for someone who turned his back on Spider-Man... My bad.)


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