Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prince Caspian (round 2)

I promised on Saturday that I would give a review of Prince Caspian. Well... I haven't had time. But I thought I would throw one out there.

Last night, Jackie and I had an impromptu date and decided to go. While we were out for our evening walk, we decided to grab some wings at BW3's, play some trivia and then go to a 9:15 pm showing.

I honesty think that the second time around was better. The primary reason is that some of the lines, because many of the actors are English or other than American, were difficult to pick up. In fact, a couple of the lines are still a mystery to me because I didn't catch them either time. But I thought it was great.

What I didn't like:
  • I thought there could have been more Aslan. Every time he roars, I get chills. Give me more Aslan.
  • It could have been wittier and more clever in places. There were several places where it seemed appropriate to throw in a joke, so they did and it really wasn't that funny of a joke or the line seemed pointless.
  • More magic. The magic was minimal compared to previous. But maybe that's in line with the overall theme of this movie.
  • More Narnians... Again, goes with the theme... but could have used more. (After you see the movie, you'll understand this one...)
What I did like:
  • The visual imagery of this one is striking. Several times in the previous movie, the settings seemed forced and fake (especially a lot of the ice shots). But this one seems more realistic.
  • Aslan!!! I love that lion... what an incredible character.
  • Good drama. The suspense was even high the second time around and I already knew what was going to happen.
  • It's great to be back in Narnia with old friends. I'm glad that the whole cast was back. That might seem like a small thing, but having the same cast back in a sequel is essential.
Overall, I thought it was a great movie. It's definitely a "MUST SEE" in the theaters. Good, good stuff. In fact, I think I'm going to re-read some of the books and read them all the way through this summer again! I'll be looking forward to what's next.


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