Saturday, May 10, 2008

Recent Google searches leading here...

Here are a few of the recent Google searches bring new folks by my blog. I'm always amazed at what makes the list:
  • iphone diet
  • Guitar hero: Legends of rock playlist
  • love Erik Survivor
  • Erik Reichenbach
  • NOOMA Free
  • survivor -micronesia and erik
  • Tunak Tunak Tun lyrics translation
  • survivor 16 erik immunity necklace
  • erik dumbest survivor ever
  • jim clark starbucks
  • who plays+chicken dance
  • james william clark
  • michigan stinks
  • saddleback church ministry program
  • rock river christian camp
My post from the other night about Eric Reichenbach brought me some good traffic. Interesting what shows up.

I also have some good referrers:
Good stuff.


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