Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday morning group...

So I get to Thursday morning Bible study this morning. I pull into the parking lot at about 6:04 am, feeling pretty good that I got down Randall Road and only hit one red light (a sure sign of God's grace on my tardiness in getting out of the house this morning).

Only to pull into the parking lot and see NONE of the vehicles of the other members of the group!

Suddenly I felt like you do when you're on a road trip with a bunch of guys and you make the mistake of being the last one out of the gas station, only to find that the car isn't where it had been parked. And that sudden feeling of panic sweeps over you. Only to turn and see your buddies all in the car on the other side of the parking lot laughing at you. But as I turned, no one was on the otherside of the parking lot.

Hopefully this isn't a hint (like: Quit coming to Bible study... we don't like you and decided to switch locations without telling you. Take the hint!).

Now, I'm betting that's not reality, but you know those thoughts pop up when something like that happens and you aren't on the 'in.' Hopefully I'll get the lowdown later on.

Instead, I caught on my Bible reading... finished Simple Church... now I'm going to write my sermon for this weekend... Week 1 of the "Slow Fade" series (more on this later).



  1. Your group took this week off due to the travel schedule of your leader.

    How do I know more about your group than you do???

  2. Supposedly there was an email. I never got my copy.

    I have wondered a couple of times why you are still on the email list for the group, since we're talking about it???