Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Almost in a tornado last night

So, Jackie and I went over to Schaumburg to pick her up a new MacBook. (It's a long story...) She's been needing a new computer and last night we had a free night, so we headed over. Little did we know that the weather was about to turn tornadic... literally!!! (See HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!)

As we turned onto Bartlett Road, we heard tornado warning sirens. Hoping to stay ahead of it, we continued to drive. Hoping to get to the mall before it hit. But eventually it caught up with us, so we stopped in a neighborhood. Staying in a car in the midst of a tornado is NOT a good idea and I knew that. So as we pulled around a corner, I noticed an open garage door on this house. So thinking that the owner of the house would be more understanding than a tornado that may or may not be coming, I decided to try to explain to the owner.

They weren't home. Or if they were, they never came out. We stayed inside and waited it out before heading on to Schaumburg and getting the computer. But it was seriously scary. It was definitely the most weather-scared I've been since THIS happened a couple of summers ago.

The news last night said that there was one unconfirmed tornado last night in Elmhurst (about 30 minutes east of where we were in Streamwood). But at this point (Tuesday, August 5th, 9:45 am), we don't have confirmation. But it was close enough for me.

But there is a couple of things in this story worthy of note.
First, don't drive in a tornado (duh!)
But second, there are little things that we do everyday that we may not realize the impact of. For instance, for some reason the people who owned that house last night decided to leave their garage door up... not knowing the comfort and protection that it offered us. And they may never know. There are little things that we do everyday that we may not recognize the significance. So be aware of those things today.


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