Friday, August 08, 2008

House Hunters... Trip 1

Jackie and I went and checked out some houses today. We saw a couple of good ones... and a couple of not so good ones.

House #1 is in Batavia. But it's pretty old and outdated. I fell fairly short of what we thought it looked live from the online pics.

House #2 is in North Aurora. It's probably the top runner of what we saw today. It's a 1 story ranch though with a full-(finished) basement. But it's got two fireplaces, a big backyard and a huge garage. We might have to see this one again.

House #3 is a townhome in North Aurora. It's close to friends. It's nice. Really nice. But I don't know if I am all that interested in a town house because it feels so much like living in an apartment. But it's an end unit, which would give us some room. It's also very well laid out and newer.

House #4 is in Sugar Grove. It's over 100 years old and definitely feels like it on the inside. It has some very high ceilings and is laid out very unusual. I thought it might be cool... but for the price, it might be a bust for us.

We're hoping to get a chance to get out next Friday and see a few more. So, feel free to check back and see if the Clark's find a house they can both live with within their budget... (sounds like the show... hehe).


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  1. If you end up in Aurora, you totally have to start a public access TV show out of your basement...