Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Making an offer...

Tomorrow morning we are making an offer on this house in Elburn, IL.

Jackie and I, our Realtor Sandy and two great friends Mike and Mark, walked through the house again this afternoon. And we like it more than when we saw it the first time on Friday.

After spending a great deal of time thinking, talking, planning and most importantly, praying... we're going to make an offer. The catch is, there is rumor of another offer being on the table for this house. Our Realtor was told today that there was another offer... BUT, in talking with that agent there is concern/question if there really is an offer or if they just hinted that way since we've asked to see this place twice in five days. They wouldn't give any details of the offer... although they wouldn't have to... but they gave our Realtor the distinct impression that it might be a smoke screen.

So, we're going to call their bluff (or not... if it's not) and make our offer that we are planning to make and see what happens. We're not putting all of "eggs in a basket"... but we think this basket is really pretty. So, first thing in the morning I will be talking with the Realtor... We're going to make our offer... and hoping to sweeten the pot by the fact that we don't to sell anything (moving from an apartment) and can close from time of contract in 30-45 days (but definitely less than the normal 60 days).

And if all goes well, maybe I'll be posting some more pictures of this house for your viewing pleasure.

If you feel so inclined, please feel free to pray for us. You can send along emails (jim@fvcc.com), notes (comments below) or texts (if you don't know it... try one of the other offers) of encouragement. That would be super. And I'll try to let my faithful-blog readers know more as soon as we know more.



  1. dude...rock the house...haha...get it...."the house".....enough with the lameness....good luck....prayin for you guys

  2. http://torontorealestate.blogs.friendster.com/my_blog/Wed Aug 27, 05:32:00 PM 2008

    Hi Jim,
    I can tell you that I exactly know your situation. As a Toronto realtor I’ve been dealing with such a problem many times. I think that the best tactics you can take is just do not care about the rumors. Just make an offer you were planning to make and you will see. Don’t pay more than the house is worth. It is a duty of a seller to tell you that there are more offers.
    Good luck!!!