Friday, August 22, 2008

House Hunters... Trip 4

Today was our 4th trip out to see houses. And it was a great trip... You'll know more why a little later.

House 14 was the first house where my wife has used the words "really like" with any house. Its a great, great house. It's 3 bedrooms, 2.1 baths and a TON of space. The master bedroom suite/bathroom/walk-in-closet is awesome.

House 15 was a town house in Geneva. It's in Millcreek. They are brand new and have never been lived in. They are nice and they have a great floorplan, but they are so smashed together and the dining area leads out to a patio that is 4 feet from the neighbors.

House 16 is a great house in North Aurora. It's a 1 story ranch with a full basement. The basement is huge and has an already completed bathroom. The only negative is that it's currently only a 2 bedroom. The basement could become a third bedroom, but with some work.

House 17 was a total dump. It's in Batavia, which is too bad. We were inside about 10 and decided to leave. It would need to be completely remodeled inside and out. Definitely a HUGE no thanks.

But the good news... actually great news... is that we are thinking that we are going to go to the next level with House 14 in Elburn. It's a perfect house and the only one that we have looked at that wouldn't need any work initially. We talked with our agent and she is going to crunch some numbers and we're going to talk tomorrow. We're also planning to talk with a guy who will look for the best deal in mortgages. It's a little out of our range, but we're hoping to make an offer that might be more suitable for us and see what happens. Could be awesome!!!

So... hopefully more news about "House 14" in the future!


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