Saturday, August 02, 2008

Good, good vaction...

What a great time off!!! Jackie and I got back last night about 10 pm (would have been home earlier but got stuck on 294 backup from a truck fire...). It was great to sleep in our own bed last night.

Today, she's off to work and I'm headed down to the church for our first Saturday Serve. We're boxing up food for the food pantries from our local food drive.

But before I get back into the regular blogging action, here's a little vacation recap:
  • Slept in until 8 am every morning.
  • Played golf 4 days straight... shot a 43 on the last day!!!
  • Jet skied every day!!! Awesome!!
  • Skied twice... got up on the first time.
  • Had steak twice... never get that at home... both times T-Bones that were mouthwatering.
  • Swam... A LOT!
  • Ate way too much stuff off my diet. (i.e. steak above, Conn's Potato Chips (which are a local thing), pizza, homemade fried chicken, ice cream, Fireman's Festival stuff below...)
  • Did the Fireman's Festival in Caldwell... pizza, brats, french fries, lemonade, snowcones, etc...
  • slept in my huge tent
  • Visited my home church in Caldwell, Ohio.
  • Hung out and had some great fun with brother-in-law.
Today I've already got my walk in (I gained 5 pounds on vacation) and I'm crashing hard back on my diet. It was a great time... but it's good, no I take that back, it's great to be home!!


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  1. Sounds like a heck of a vacation, Slim. I know we're glad to teach in the long term but already missing our summer. (Mary and Micah start back tomorrow, and I'm going to be scrambling to meet a couple deadlines before I start teaching August 19.)