Monday, August 18, 2008

Official Mudpit 2008 pics...

Okay folks... here are the official 2008 Messfest/Mudpit pictures. This isn't all of them. There are more on my Myspace page (HERE) and Facebook page (HERE). These are just a few of the better ones.

But check out that mud... we are just getting started and I'm already halfway up to my knees in mud.

But it didn't take some students long to get to rolling around in it... like right here.

I would say that Shelby is looking a nice shade of mud. We were playing "Steal the Bacon" and we hid the bacon in the mud. They were looking for it.

It only got crazier with a game called "Anarchy Ball." And as we played, we kept watering the mud so it only got muddier and muddier as the action got crazier.

Grace and Alec look good in brown... or black... or gray... or whatever color that is.

Dylan and Andrew seem to be having a good time. Dylan was incredible at both "Steal the Bacon" and "Anarchy Ball." But he's a high school football player, so would you really expect anything less.

Will started out in jeans... not a good choice... and ended up in shorts. I actually just picked up his dry, crusty mud-soaked jeans... it was kinda gross.

There are some people around the world who pay hundreds of dollars to get the kind of mud-treatment that these students got for $10. It becomes difficult after a while to be able to tell who is who...

But in this picture is Brooke (left), Lily (middle) and Elizabeth (right). Lily was officially awarded the "Matt Galloway Award" for the most mud on one person's body by the end of the night.

All in all, it was a muddy, crazy and totally excellent time. But I'm sure that around this area there were some bathroom drains getting clogged up. Because there was plenty of mud!!!

I'm already looking forward to 2009!!


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