Friday, August 29, 2008

Bumps on my left hand...

So, I've got a couple of bumps on my left hand. They've been there for a little while... my guess is over a year... but I haven't been keeping track.

Recently (mid-July), I decided that I was going to have them looked at. My doctor sent me for XRays, then they sent me to an Orthopedics appt, then they scheduled an MRI (not fun!) and finally determined that they weren't anything but fluid-filled pockets.

So today I went in to see if they could draw off some fluid. After numbing my hand (much appreciated), they put a large needle (large enough that the doctor told me NOT to look... so I didn't) and drew out some fluid.

Now I'm trying to type with bandages on my finger and palm (location of the other one). I really hate needles. But it wasn't too bad... I think I'll live. Hopefully they'll go away. We'll have to see.


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