Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First day of class

The first day of class is here. I'm hanging out in the "scroll room" here in Restoration Hall waiting for my 1 pm class. Just had a bit of lunch and getting a little nervous about getting a good seat in class. (Because the key to a good semester is a good seat...)

We'll see what happens.

Oh... and if you're wondering, we've yet to hear anything back on the house yet. But I'll post as soon as I hear... or get out of class...



  1. Is "scroll room" a euphemistic reference to toilet paper?

  2. No, actually it's not. LCS has a Hebrew scroll from the 16th or 17th century that they keep in one of the smaller rooms. That's usually where Jackie and I set up our stuff for lunch.

  3. Uh huh. Sure. Don't worry, man. I don't write blog posts from my "scroll room," but I do my fair share of reading.

    Hey, Martin Luther got some good reading done there, right?