Monday, September 08, 2008

Recaps on last night's VMA's... Source4YouthMinistry and CPYU

Let me just say right up front that I didn't watch last night's Video Music Awards.

But my guess is that lots and lots of teenagers... especially middle schoolers, freshmen and sophomores did... as well as many others.

But I did not. I usually try to watch (between trips to the bathroom to throw up from what I'm watching) because I know that it is so closely tied to the student culture. But I just couldn't muster the courage last night.

I did, however, enjoy a couple of article recaps of last night's action. The first, a little more wittier version of last night by Jonathan McKee and David R. Smith (HERE) over at the Source4YouthMinistry. And another by youth expert Walt Mueller (HERE) over at the Center for Parent and Youth Understanding. They were both excellent articles about the highs, lows and happenings of last night's VMAs... and I got to keep my sanity, voice (from yelling at the screen... instead I was yelling for the Bears game) and my dinner.

Check them out. They're good stuff.


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  1. And to think I spent those hours grading freshman papers... ah, what I miss as an English teacher! :P

    It does amuse me that Madonna is now the venerable goddess and Spears the seasoned vet of that world. I do wonder, though, to what extent the iPod universe is chipping away at the cultural power that MTV asserts. After all, I can't think of any time recently when, outside the context of Scooby Doo, anyone has made reference to Casey Kasem.