Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back to the Hunt... the House Hunt...

We've officially heard that our 2nd offer on the house in Elburn is a no-go as well. According to our Realtor, the couple who made the other offer knew that there was another offer on the table and went "over list." How much over, we'll never know... unless we meet them someday.

So we're back to 2nd base. We've got a couple of other places that we'd like to look at... including the house next door (which is not as big... but we now might have ammo to ask for a lower price since we know approximate what this one went for).

But we're back on the hunt. So, watch for some more pictures likely Saturday afternoon. Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and blog checks to see what was going on. We appreciate it as we work through this exciting and frustrating process.


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