Monday, September 29, 2008

Shuffle Up and Deal

I haven't done a "Shuffle Up and Deal" on here in a while... So, when I pushed "shuffle" and "play" this morning in my iTunes, I thought I would. (If you've never done a "shuffle up and deal," you put your music on shuffle, push play and then list the first 5 songs that pop up without skipping one (because you are embarrassed by the selection.)

Here's what popped up this morning:
  • "Million Voices" by Barlow Girl
  • "Our Time Is Coming" by Brooks & Dunn (nothing like a little country to get the day started)
  • "North and South of the River" by U2
  • "Brighter" by Paul Wright
  • "Butterflies" by Pettidee
There they are... a little Monday morning "Shuffle Up and Deal."


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