Friday, September 19, 2008

House Hunters... trip 6... (last week)

First off, my apologies for not getting these pics up quicker. I know that there are some of you out there who are waiting on pins and needles to see if we buy a house and which one.

So, my apologies.
We saw houses on Thursday and then I left for my Grandma's 80th Birthday Party early Friday morning (and my parents don't have Internet). (Check out that trip HERE and HERE.)

The first house that we saw was a revisit on house 17.5 (originally visited HERE during trip 5). We liked this townhouse and wanted to see it again.

Unfortunately we liked it. Unfortunately because it recently went under contract... with someone else. So scratch another one off the list.

House 22 is a pretty big sprawling ranch out in Kaneville. There were a couple of things about this house that we really liked. It had a double sided fireplace in the living room and family room. The kitchen was updated and it sat on a pretty big lot. But both of us were turned off by the master bedroom and master bath. So, while things were looking good... they ended disappointedly. It was a small bedroom and the bathroom was almost an after thought.

House 23 was a pretty big disappointment. The location on this one is great... it's in Sugar Grove... close to the church and the tollway. But it's a little too close... the backyard is almost boardering it. Plus, we were not impressed with the inside.

House 24 is a short-sale property in North Aurora. We kinda liked this property... but it needed some work and the price was just a little too high to allow for the work. It does have a pool though... very cool for youth ministry. It may be one that if it comes around again at a lower price, we may go and have a look again.

House 25 won't seem to load in my blog. But don't worry... it wasn't much to look at. In fact, the only reason that we wanted to see it was because the price was so low (for obvious reasons after begin inside) that my wife thought we could make a 20% down payment and avoid the PMI... but after seeing it, we thought... "Humm... No."

House 26 was a very small house in Geneva. It's got a big basement but was just a little too small for our tastes... plus, only having 1 bathroom would not be cool when we have guests.

Well, there you go... that was trip 5. Sorry again that it took me so long. But the next trip (actually taken today) will bring back a house from before that may become an offer and one new one.


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