Saturday, September 06, 2008

House Hunters... trip 5...

We headed back out on the house hunting trail again this afternoon and actually we had a really good day.

House 17.5 (if you're keeping track... first house today) was a townhouse. I've not been a huge fan of townhomes. They're nice and all (and please don't be offended) but I've lived in an apartment for far too long and most townhomes feel to me like apartments. This was the first one that we were in that we both really liked and felt like a little house instead of an apartment. It's in Geneva and right behind the Commons... but it kinda felt secluded some. It had a great Master Bedroom and an awesome Master Bathroom (maybe one of the best we've seen since we've been looking) and a fireplace. This might be one that we will have to see again.

After the townhome, our agent took up out to see the house next to the house that we made an offer on (HERE, HERE and HERE). Part of our thinking was, "we know approximately what was paid for the house next door... this one is smaller with less upgrades... we know approximately what to offer." It was nice... but really didn't thrill us as much as the other. Any of these three... this one and the next two would be incredible to own... but this one is unfortunately at the bottom of those three. This is house number 18 if you've keeping track.

Next, we went around the corner and checked out a couple of other houses that are in "short sale" in the Blackberry Creek area. This is house #19 for your personal scorecard. Of those houses, this was maybe the best. It's a four bedroom (with a large loft) and a 2.1 bath but it doesn't have a basement. But the large open floor plan would make it pretty nice.

We went down the street to check out this house. It is house #20. It actually was one of the models and so consequently it has a pretty large and open floor plan (the kitchen is HUGE!!! and I mean HUGE!!! You have no idea how HUGE it is). But some of the doors and trim are mismatched (to display different styles). But it's a 4 bedroom, 3.1 bath. It has a basement and is right around the corner from the elementary school.

The final house of the day was house #21... a one story ranch with a full, finished basement. The backyard was nice. The garage was big and there was some good potential in the basement. But the more and more that we look at, the less and less that we really like ranches (again, no offense). But it's got some potential... but certainly not in our top 5 currently.

Overall, it was a good day. The townhouse (#17.5) has some great potential and jumped pretty close to the top of the list. But we've got some thinking and praying to do before we make our next move. But we are scheduled to go out again on Thursday. We'll see where we're at at that point.


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  1. My vote is for number 20, but that's mainly because I liked walking to school as a kid and wish the same for all the mini-Slimmies coming down the pike...