Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today we made an offer on this house in North Aurora. (Sorry Nate... It's not Aurora... but it does have a basement and maybe we can pull of a TV show anyway...) The address is 705 Chesterfield Lane, North Aurora.

The house is going to need some work... But we've got a good contact for that who has already given us some good numbers.

So, we're feeling pretty confident. We are the only offer on the table and basically we're offering what they are asking for.

So, hopefully we'll know something soon!! But his could be home.


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  1. Dude, if it's got Aurora in the name, and if it's in Illinois, you know where it is in my heart...

    It's Slim's World!
    Slim's World!
    Party Time!
    /air guitar and extreme closeup

    Incidentally, a colleague and friend of mine wants me to start recording a weekly podcast (he's offered to engineer it and teach me the engineering end of it), so I suppose that's the closest I'm going to get down here.