Thursday, January 31, 2008

3 Days Randomness...

So I thought I would throw out a few random things about the last few days for those of you who get your "Jim News" here...

-School was interesting on Tuesday... mostly because when I went into class at 12:45 pm, it was 56 degrees... and when I came out at 3:00 pm, it was 27 degrees... with a thunderstorm in the middle.

-We had to spend the night Tuesday night at a Best Western in Bloomington because the wind/snowstorm that followed the temp change was too much. The snow was awful. The stay was nice... but we didn't have anything to stay the night... no personal toiletries, clothes to change into, etc... so that was a struggle.

-We have found Jackie a car. Al and Pauline, Jackie's dad and mom, are selling us their 2004 Chrysler Sebring (coupe). I've got to fly to Pittsburgh and pick it up next Friday (Feb 8).

-I'm at Panera Bread (still... at 8:27 am) from Bible Study this morning... This morning getting up sucked! And I actually got up about 20 minutes late... So much for getting up before my alarm (see HERE).

-Not having new television to watch on Thursday nights stinks. And I'm kinda getting tired of it. Good thing Survivor starts again in 7 days. I wish they would get over this strike thing. I'm kinda missing my 24. I may start and watch last season again (Blockbuster) because I'm going through Jack Bauer withdraws).

-We're supposed to get about 4-6 inches of snow tonight.

Well... I think that's enough. I need to catch up on my C.S. Lewis reading (thanks Nate for your comment... I bookmarked that work and will spend some time with it in the future).


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