Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another year... Another disappointment...

I sat and watched with excitement last night as the Buckeyes seemed to take control of the BCS Championship Game and jumped out to an early 10 point lead. I thought to myself, "Last year's embarrassment is behind us and this will be the year."

But then suddenly things turned. 31 unanswered points and 3 turnovers later, it didn't look so good. They killed themselves. You can't win games if you turn the ball over and they turned it over too many times and at times when they really needed to score. Beanie ran well... but Boeckman threw a couple of interceptions and had a fumble that I think was a bit questionable and it was all downhill.

So I sit with another January of disappointment. 2002 seems so long ago and it seems like an eternity until August.


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  1. Sorry, Man. I, being a Penn State fan was rooting with you, unlike many of my friends. I wanted a Big Ten Team to win it all - they just can't state "THE Ohio State". The only thing I can say is at least your boys were playing. Our guys didn't get close.