Friday, January 11, 2008

"Pick your brain?" Absolutely!!!

I had a first this week.

A friend and local colleague of mine, Jen Bradbury, through the PDYM community emailed me to see if she could "pick my brain" for an article that she was writing for Youth Worker Magazine. My response... "Absolutely! I'm not sure the pickin' is very good... but pick away."

She had 5 questions about students who are members at one church but regularly attend events and activities of another church. Some of the questions were around if this has happened to me and how I felt about it and others were about whether or not other church's students were participating in our events and my feelings on that. I tried to answer her questions. It was kinda fun. It is an interesting phenomena.

Jen is great and I enjoyed answering her questions. Plus, I'll be looking forward to seeing the article in print and knowing that a little bit of my experience is present there! Thanks Jen!!!


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