Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When it rains... it pours...

Tonight we officially said goodbye to Jackie's 1995 Chevy Corsica... otherwise known as Ghetto Ride by the students in our ministry. It has been sitting behind Scott's Service Place in Wheaton where we get our vehicles worked on. It was a sad day... but a day that needed to come. But it struggles to be without a car. We both have to get to work and have crazy schedules coming up (ski trip Monday... school Tuesday... I've got class in Indy Friday and Saturday next weekend...). So juggling one car was crazy enough.

But as we were getting all the gear out of Ghetto Ride and into the Cruiser, Jackie noticed that the front right tire on the Cruiser was really low (air pressure-wise). And as she looked closer, noticed that the rim had a 4 inch crack in it and was bent. It looks like Illinois potholes got it. So if having one car gone wasn't bad enough, the other one has to get a new rim in the next few days...


But what can you do... just try to fix them and keep them running. It seems to be that we will go months with nothing. And then one of them has an issue and they both "catch the cold" and we can't keep them out of the shop.


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