Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Book #1... Blue Like Jazz

So, I'm frequently late to the party. But I have an excuse this time.

I just finished reading Donald Miller's "Blue Like Jazz." It was a good read. I had bought it about 2 years and hadn't had a chance to read it because someone who will remain nameless had borrowed it and read it... and not returned it... for so long that I thought I would have to go and buy another copy. But finally it did come back.

Donald is incredibly witty and clever and very enjoyable to read. His thoughts are scattered sometimes, but he always seems to make it back. Good book!!!

This is book #1 for 2008. I am attempting to read 26 books this year... other than the Bible and the books that I am expected to read for class. The next book on my hit list, although it may not be the next in terms of books for 2008 (because "I Am Legend" is a library book waiting for me at home and will likely be quicker read than this one) is "Opie Doesn't Live Here Anymore" by Walt Mueller. I am looking forward to reading/finishing this one. I got it when I was out at Saddleback in September. I read the first couple of chapters on the plane on the way home, but didn't finish it. It was good... but for some reason from time to time I start books that are good... read 50 pages and then quit and start something else. But I'm going to go back to the beginning and start again.



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