Tuesday, January 08, 2008

FlyTunes... sounds sweet!!!

I stumbled on this this morning through Engadget.com. (I am really beginning to love that website.)

It's called FlyTunes.

It's a winapp for IPhones and ITouches that allows you to get internet radio on your phone or touch with an interface designed especially for those devices. The coolest thing is that it would allow you to listen to the internet radio when you don't have access to Wifi...

Here's a snipet from their article...
"FlyTunes is simply a web application accessible via Safari, which allows users to customize stations on their PC / Mac and then login and listen from the phone. Also of note, it can queue up to a half hour of music should you want to listen for awhile after leaving an EDGE / WiFi-covered area, and if you're wondering how much coinage you'll have to lay down to get in on this, you'll be stoked to hear it's free."

Sounds sweet!!

I signed up this morning for updates and as soon as its available and as long as it's free... I'll be hooking me up some of that.


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