Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guitar Hero good for you???

I like the sound of THIS...

There seem to be some who are beginning to discover that Guitar Hero... and I'm assuming Rock Band because they use the same motions... are beginning to show up as having a medical purpose. Now, it seems to be in the area of physical therapy.

Here's a bit of the story: "We'd been doing a lot with range of motion, but he was still lacking in pronation and supination in his forearm," Colwell informed Shacknews. Pronation and supination refer to the twisting and flexing motions of limbs. "Guitar Hero really helped out a lot with that, especially the supination because he had to hold that pose."

Apart from a patient's increased willingness to participate in therapy, other possible benefits of Guitar Hero noted by Colwell include improved abdominal, lower back, and wrist strength, sitting balance, fine motor skills, and general endurance."

At any rate... any excuse I can have for playing more Guitar Hero or Rock Band is a good thing!!! Right???


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