Sunday, August 09, 2009

August 9th Sermon... Final Bell, week 1

I preached this morning in both of our adult worship services. (If you missed or were otherwise unable to attend, HERE is the link to the MP3 on

It was a good message. I felt confident about it and second service went very well this morning. For some reason, and it's one of those things that regular speakers understand but most others don't, I couldn't get in the groove first service. Everyone seemed to feel that it went well, but for me, I just wasn't there for about the first 8 minutes. Second service was much better. I came out at the bell ready to go! (A little inside joke... we showed the training scene from Rocky followed by a picture of Rocky from Rocky III with my face photoshopped in... and I came out with boxing gloves... It was classic! That's the only time that I wish we videotaped our messages...)

Today's message is the first of three on a topic that I love... (I blogged the Scripture verses for this text yesterday HERE) Bible Study and personal discipleship. We've invited the FVCC congregation to help us with a couple of polls about how often they read their Bibles and what keeps them from reading. Results are flowing in (check them out HERE).

So it should be fun.

But right now I'm tired. I was out of bed this morning at 4:45 am and at church about 6:15 am. So it's been a long day and hopefully I can go to bed soon!


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