Friday, August 21, 2009

The Fall Semester is upon me...

The fall 2009 semester is officially upon me.

I finished up my summer class last Thursday. And I was hoping to avoid my fall reading for a week or so. I guess that week is up. I was hiding behind the fact that my books hadn't arrived for the fall semester yet... but the last one arrived yesterday for my class which begins on September 2.

At this point, I have completed 54 credit hours towards the 75 required for my Masters of Divinity. I'm currently on pace to graduate next spring 2011.

This semester I've got a couple of required classes coming up:
  • Basic Types of Counseling Ministry (Dr. Boatman)
  • Biblical Leadership for the Church Today (Dr. Green)
It should be an interesting semester. I still grumble and feel that required courses in graduate work is a little silly... but whatever. That's what's coming up this semester.

Now, to get reading it...


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