Friday, August 14, 2009

Good reminder about communication...

I got a good reminder tonight of communication... and how most of the times people can't read my mind... which is a shame.

I had a bunch of student leaders over to my house tonight for pizza and to make some plans for our upcoming Messfest (fall kick off event). So I called Pizza Hut to order some pizzas and wanted to try their new pizza rolls. In conversation with the guy I was ordering the pizza from, I asked him how many pizza rolls come in an order. He responded that there were 4 rolls in each order and then immediately asked me how many I would like. I assumed that he meant "how many pizza rolls would you like?" So I answered 8.

He actually meant, "How many orders of 4 pizza rolls would you like?" So when the pizza guy arrived, there were 8 orders of pizza rolls in the bag (pictured above).

Note to self: Remember to try to be clear in communication.

Not everyone knows what you're thinking.

Which is likely a really good reminder for evangelism...


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