Monday, August 03, 2009

A lot of encouragement

Yesterday morning was a hectic morning for me at church. I had been out of town since July 21st. First, I was gone to Cedar Point with our high school ministry. Then, I came back and immediately left for a week's worth of vacation.

So getting in and getting ready for church after having been gone that long, coupled with the fact that I was gone the whole week before to camp, made the morning a little crazy.

But we had a great lesson. We talked about Mary and Jeremiah and how they followed God's call on their lives. As we wrapped up the lesson, one the students interrupted me and addressed the whole class.

It seems the week before they took it upon themselves to write me a "thank you note." And Hannah presented it to me.


Here is the note:

Those of you who are in ministry realize that encouragement is often few and far between. Often rather than "thanks," we receive criticism. And most of the time, it's from the very folks that we are trying to serve.

It was great to come back from vacation and receive a lot of encouragement. This note will continue to be encouragement over the next several month as I taped it to the wall above my desk.

Thanks guys!


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