Sunday, August 23, 2009

Final Bell Week 3 Resources

As I said this morning in the sermon, if you didn't get to hear it, click HERE, but I want to put resources in your hands or tools in your toolbelt. This morning I threw out a lot of different ideas. Here are links to those that I mentioned, plus others that I may not have had time to this morning.

Since we are part of the community, if you have a resource that has help you amp up your Bible reading, why not post it in the comments at the bottom? If you do, I'll add it to the list and maybe that thing that you do that seems like nothing, might be something ground breaking for someone else...

Here are links to the ideas under their outline point.

Tips for Finishing Strong


Free online Bible - Bible Gateway

Free online Bible - YouVersion (same people who put together the free iPhone/iPod Touch Bible)


One Year Bible

One Minute Bible for Students - 366 Daily 1 Minute reading geared for High School or Middle School Students

3 Month Read through the New Testament plan - the one that I handed out this morning


New International Version Study Bible

English Stardard Version Bible

New Living Translation

All three of these Bibles are referenced as the "study" version. Study Bibles are good because they give you notes and introductions that you often don't get in a regular version. Life Application Bibles are good choices and come in both New International Version and New Living Translations.


Free Bible for Smartphones (iPhones, Blackberry, etc) - iTunes link

Logos Bible Software

One Year Bible Audio Podcast

5. Take advantage of RESOURCES.

Best Commentaries

New International Commentary Series

The Bible Speaks Commentary Series

Heartland Community Church - Rockford - Mike Breaux (pronounced Bro) preacher

Southeast Louisville Christian Church - Louisville, KY - Dave Stone and Kyle Idleman preachers

Willow Creek Community Church - South Barrington - Bill Hybels senior pastor

Family Christian Stores - locally in Batavia, Elgin and Naperville

Bible on CD options at Family Christian Stores

Strong's Bible Concordance


FVCC Small Groups - Jerry Williams


Saddleback Community Church Drive Time Devotions - they work through a book of the Bible at a time

Verse of the Day on Twitter

8. Invest in MEMORIZATION.

As I think of others or as others suggest some, I will update the list. So, check back Tuesday or Wednesday and there should be some new resources up.


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