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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Low on sleep...

It's seemed, the last couple of days, that I haven't been getting enough sleep.

It started on Sunday. I was up early (4:45 am) to get up to the church to get my mind prepared to preach (sermon HERE). Then Monday morning, I was up again at 3:15 am to take a couple of friends to the airport (I slept when I got back... but that's still early). Then I worked hard all day Monday at church and to get my schoolwork wrapped up for my summer class. Tuesday morning, I was up early again (5:45 am) for a 7 am meeting. This morning (Wednesday), I was up early (5:45 am) as we stayed in Peoria with some friends so it shortened my drive to LCS for class. Tomorrow morning will be another 5:45 am day...

I'm just feeling behind on sleep. Anyone else feeling that too? I realize that I'm not the only one with a rough schedule... I'm just sharing...


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