Friday, August 07, 2009

Starting the diet... again...

This summer has been crazy...

If you don't think so, just read some of the posts from the past couple of months. And with all the traveling that I did in the spring, it wasn't much better. Usually summer is the big time for me to hit the diet trail. My goal usually is to lose more than I put on over the winter. But that just hasn't happened with all my traveling (CIY... camp... Cedar Point... vacation... etc... etc...).

So today, we are starting the diet again... (I'm 32 years old and I think I've started about that many diets). My wife says that I will like this one... but I'm thinking that if I liked it, she wouldn't have to call it a diet.

But we'll see what happens.

I don't have a current weight to start off because I haven't been on the scale yet today. But I will later and I'll edit in the weight (_278.0_).

Here we go again.


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